"Jordana Brewster"

 "Jordana Brewster"

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@JordanaBrewster leaving the gym in Los Angeles, California after a workout on July 11, 2014. 

@JordanaBrewster was seen on July 10th, 2014 shopping at Toy Crazy in Brentwood.Photo-credit: Daily-Jordana.

@JordanaBrewster was spotted on July 9th, 2014 out and about with her adorable son Julian. Photo credit: Daily-Jordana.

Looking gorgeous! @JordanaBrewster was spotted arriving at Craig’s restaurant on July 5 in West Hollywood. She was wearing all white, except her red glasses and Balenciaga bag. Photo credit goes to: Daily-Jordana.

Ohhhh what is Jordana working on now???? Looks interesting!!!  
Jordana shared this great pic of herself along with her adorable son, Julian with quote “ Visiting mom at work #BringIt @canonusaimaging #ad ”

Ohhhh what is Jordana working on now???? Looks interesting!!!  

Jordana shared this great pic of herself along with her adorable son, Julian with quote “ Visiting mom at work  ”

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How beautiful are these family pics or Jordana and her family spending some quality time together on the beach on July 5, 2014. 

Check out Jordana Brewster’s official WhoSay account with more great personal pics in the link… 

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Some NEW personal pics from Jordana Brewster 

The top three images are from Jordana getting ready for the event Mr. Clean Summer Fashion Party on July 1 (2014) with her style crew Marc Mena (Celebrity Hairstylist) and Tina Turnbow (make-up artist). The below is Jordana chilling with a massage at JFK airport. LOL

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More smily pics of the lovely Jordana Brewster at Mr. Clean Summer Fashion Party at ROOT Drive-In in New York City — July 1, 2014

Jordana Brewster Shares What She Really Wants at Son’s Birthday

When it comes to her son Julian‘s first birthday party, Jordana Brewster is working fast and furiously to make the celebration special.

It’s only appropriate that the Dallas star, 34, would break out the 10-gallon hats, spurs and chaps for the occasion.

“Since he was born in Texas, we kind of want to do a cowboy-themed birthday party,” Brewster told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Mr. Clean Summer Fashion Party. “I feel like it would be really cute.”

But don’t expect it to be an over-the-top event; Brewster is working hard to keep the party intimate, with only family and a few friends on the invitation list.

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“We might have to borrow my sister’s yard because right now we’re in a rental,” says Brewster.

With the guest list done and the location all set up, there’s only one thing left to plan: the food.

“The question is, do we get the In-N-Out truck?” she jokes. “That’s more for the adults — it’s totally for the adults. But it’s so tempting!”

When it comes to Julian’s everyday meals, however, the health-conscious mom admits to being scared of feeding her son solid food.

“I basically steam first,” Brewster says of her cooking routine. “I’ll steam carrots, pear, spinach or kale, sweet potatoes — any variety of fruits and vegetables. Then I’ll put it in a blender. [I’m] not quite as good at feeding him solids because I get so scared.”

One thing she isn’t scared of? Letting her 9-month-old get messy — and creative! — for a little craft time. To celebrate husband Andrew Form‘s first Father’s Day, Brewster made big plans to go all out with a paint project, but jokes it didn’t exactly go as planned.

“When you’re a first time mom, you’re naive to that stuff, so I just did the finger prints and foot prints and I was like, ‘Oh, this will go so smoothly, I’ll do it singlehandedly,’ ” she recalls.

“I tried as hard as I could to get him to not make a fist, and by the time I was done, the card was a total mess, but Dad didn’t care. It was all over his foam tiles in his playroom, there was paint all over the place.”

– Katherine Foreman

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